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This tool allows you to get some of the DNS records. All active domains have sort of configuration data stored on their nameservers (NS). This data enables you to convert symbolic alphanumeric domain names to actual IP addresses. To exemplify, the A record of domain '' will send you to '' and ''. The MX (Mail eXchanger) record provides information about which mail server a domain uses. The host that serves web pages does not necessarily have to be the mail server for that domain. You can determine that a domain name uses a specific mail server but you cannot determine any additional information about an e-mail address obviously.

Please wait, each lookup might take a little while.

The domain name you provided ('') does not seem to be a valid name for a domain. For instance, if you want to lookup DNS records of '', you have to enter only the domain name '' and select type of the record. Get the host name using A record. Please, try again.

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