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The News Section
2009-06-17 Scheduled Maintenance
On Thursday, June 18th, the website will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance for approximately 1 hour starting after about 22:00 GMT. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2008-02-27 Outages
We are sorry for the couple of outages that occured recently, but hardware failures cannot be avoided nor predicted. Sorry again. Any feedback is appreciated.

2007-08-25 New tool - Traffic Estimate
The new tool is "Traffic Estimate". Amazing! Estimates how many visits does a domain get within a month and per day.

2007-08-16 Launching features
The first sets of tools, that everyone can use at, are the following:
  • Domain tools: Whois, DNS Doctor reports.
  • IP tools: IP Whois, Reverse DNS, GeoIP.
  • Host name tools: DNS records lookup, Ping, Traceroute
  • Web tools: HTTP Header Getter, Explain URL, HTML & CSS validator.
With many more scheduled and being prepared.

2007-08-15 Privacy Policy
The first version of our Privacy Policy can be found at the Privacy Policy section. If you are concerned, please read it here.

Our Visions Section

Our vision is that everyone but especially webmasters, network administrators and geeks to be able to easily access vital information about DNS and IP network.

Contact Us Section

We are still in the process of creating the actual website like adding new features and making existing tools even better. We really need your feedback and suggestions. Please go to the contact us section and email us. Any kind of thought will be very appreciated. We are looking forward to your comments!

Domain Tools Section


Prints out Whois information about a given domain.

About   Whois >
IP Tools Section Header Getter Tool

IP Whois

Prints out Whois information about a given IP address.

About   IP Whois >

Reverse DNS

Associates IP address with domain name by searching domain name registers.

About   ReverseDNS >


Prints out a country and country code of a given IP address.

About   GeoIP >

HTTP Header Getter

Prints out all HTTP headers sent by a given host.

About   Get Headers >
Hostname Tools Section

DNS Records Lookup

Prints out dns records about a given domain.
About   Lookup >


Sends out 5 ICMP packets to destination and measures time taken to come back.

About   Ping >
Web Tools Section

Explain URL

This tool cleans, explains and deciphers complicated addresses.

About   Explain >

HTML Validator

Uses 3rd party W3 Consorcium tool to check syntax of an HTML document.

About   Validate >

CSS Validator

Uses 3rd party W3 Consorcium tool to check syntax of a CSS stylesheet.

About   Validate >

We respect and follow standards
Standards are important therefore we follow W3C standards.

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